Rahvusvaheline noortevahetus Türgis 31.01.2015 – 08.02.2015 ootab osalisi!

Youth Exchange “Health is Wealth” Eceabat, Türgis

Date: 31 January – 8 February 2015

Location: Eceabat, Turkey

Number of participants: 30 in total (5 pax/country + 1 group leader), 6 persons in total

Age group: Participants 18 – 26 years old & Group leaders – no age limit


Our project is a youth exchange aiming to struggle against smoking. Participants will discuss about the health problems caused by smoking and they will create a campaign to increase awareness about the subject.

There will be 5 participants and 1 youth leader representing every organization. The number of the group is 30 people including youth leaders. Participants are mainly youngsters between 18 and 26 years old.

Activities that we will perform during the project are briefing sessions, finding slogans and workshop to design a signboard, intercultural learning activities, introducing Erasmus+, future planning, local trips and local visits.

Our projects aims participants to quit bad habits mainly smoking. To achieve that aim we will run a campaign. At the end of the campaign we will try to increase the awareness of health problems occur because of smoking and we want to make everyone conscious about the damages of smoking.

Performing dates of the project 31st January to 08th February 2015.

Partner countries of the project are from Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, and Turkey.

What is a youth exchange??? A Youth Exchange brings together groups of young people from different backgrounds from two or more Erasmus+ Programme countries, providing them with an opportunity to meet, discuss, and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other countries and cultures.


During the project we are going to stay at “Hotel Crowded House” in Eceabat. There will be 24 hours warm water, wifi connection at the rooms, lobby and the garden. Accommodation will be in the rooms for 2 or 3 or 4 people. Bed linens, towels, hair dryer, soaps and shampoos will be provided by the hotel.


Financial conditions

Participation fee is 128,00 EUR which includes content and practical preparation, support before the project; accommodation, meals, programme activities, training, support and final evaluation and dissemination of the project results.

Besides participation fee you need to buy flight tickets to Turkey. 270,00 EUR will be reimbursed to you!!! (you can check flight prices from Turkish Airlines or airBaltic, for example, starting flights could be also from Riga Airport). It would be possible to travel two days before and come back two days after from Turkey, so you will be given great opportunity to see beautiful Istanbul City as well.

All participants will be issued YouthPass certificate from European Commission.

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Huvi korral saada inglisekeelne motivatsioonikiri (maksimaalselt A4) koos oma kontaktidega elektronpostile mobility@noorteportaal.ee ASAP.

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